The Team

Jan Kielland

Jan is the CEO of CO2 Capsol AS.

With more than 40 years experience working with, and holding management and board positions in companies within the energy sector, Jan has the background and experience required to fulfill CO2 Capsol´s goal to be a global leader in capturing carbon dioxide from power plants and industrial facilities worldwide by offering CO2 Capsol´s energy efficient and cost-effective Capsol EoP solution to the industry.

Jan completed his MSc (Master of Science) in Petroleum Engineering in 1980 after which he worked for Shell International Petroleum Maatschappij, followed by SAGA Petroleum ASA, DNO ASA, Lundin Petroleum, Sector Asset Management, Canamens Limited, Panoro Energy ASA and Clean Carbon Group ASA, before joining CO2 Capsol.

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Phone: +47 415 69 974

Ingvild Ombudstvedt

Ingvild is the General Counsel of CO2 Capsol AS.

She has been working on legal issues relating to CCS, CCU, CCUS and petroleum since 2012 and has extensive experience with these issues both nationally and internationally. She further has experience from business development, project management, and the founding and operation of a company and two boards.

Ingvild is an economist and lawyer and has previously worked for Arntzen de Besche Law Firm and the Global CCS Institute. She is the founder of IOM Law. She is also Board Member of the Norwegian Association for CCUS and of BASRECCS (Baltic Sea Region Energy Cooperation CCS Expert Network), and a Visiting Researcher at Meiji University in Tokyo, Japan.

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Phone: +47 468 64 221

Tone Bekkestad

Tone is the Marketing and Communication Manager of CO2 Capsol AS.

Tone has extensive experience in communication and media working as an on-air meteorologist for TV4 Sweden for more than a decade, in addition to being a sought after moderator and lecturer on the topic of solutions to climate change.

Tone completed her MSc (Master of Science) in Meteorology in 1994 after which she worked for NILU (The Norwegian Institute for Air Research), Weather One - a company developing state of the art weather presentation software for the broadcast industry, TV4 Sweden - Swedens largest commercial TV network, and running her own company Tone Bekkestad AS, before joining CO2 Capsol.

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Phone: +47 412 92 013

Marius Firing

Marius is the Business Development Manager of CO2 Capsol AS.

With 25 years of experience, Marius has worked the oil and gas industry for DNV, Hydro’s Research Centre, Esso Norway, followed by international assignments for ExxonMobil. For the last 15 years he has been Managing Director of Melberg Partners advising on asset and corporate transactions, and as serial entrepreneur with various start-ups within energy companies, offshore yard and renewable/low emission projects.

Marius holds a MSc (Master of Science) in Marine Technology from NTNU in Trondheim. He has further been responsible for Melberg Partners being certified by the Financial Supervisory Authority with license under the Norwegian Security Trading Act; acting as investment banker to the oil service and the renewable energy industry.

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Phone: +47 951 44 668

Eirik Lunde

Eirik is the CFO of CO2 Capsol AS.

Eirik has 20 years of experience with broad financial and analytical background. He formerly worked for KPMG in London before becoming part of Melberg Partners, a leading advisory firm to the wider energy industry. During his career Eirik has advised and worked with several clients and start-ups within the financial, strategic, and operational side of their business. He has also been part of several corporate finance processes within the energy and renewable industry.

Eirik holds a MSc (Master of Science) from London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE).

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Phone: +47 995 72 811

Stellan Hamrin

Stellan is a Senior Specialist Engineer of CO2 Capsol AS.

Stellan holds a MSc (Master of Science) in mechanical engineering.

He has 14 years of experience from PFBC (Pressurized Fluidized Bed Combustor) technology and has been working with fluid flow and dynamic structural analysis in Gas Turbine and nuclear power applications, apart from the PFBC-application. 

Stellan has developed the Capsol EoP patent. He has also been working with other carbon capture technologies of which he has developed several patents. 


Board of Directors

Endre Ording Sund


Endre Ording Sund is an independent advisor in the Finance, E&P and shipping sector.

Sund is educated from the Royal Navy Academy, the Norwegian School of Economy and finance (BI), and Harvard Business School (PMD).

His career spans over 40 years, starting with 9 years of service as officer in the Royal Norwegian Navy, to his present day roles as Chairman and member of the board of numerous companies. His working career includes CEO of the A. Wilhelmsen group, Head of Oil, Gas & Shipping related Corporate Finance business in SEB from 2002-2007, and several leading and founder roles within Private Equity. He is also the co-founder and previous Chairman of the International Maritime & Merchant Bank.

Jan Kielland

CEO, CO2 Capsol AS.

Jan has more than 40 years’ experience working with and holding management and board positions in companies within the energy sector.

He earned his MSc in Petroleum Engineering in 1980, after which he worked for Shell International Petroleum Maatschappij, followed by SAGA Petroleum ASA, DNO ASA, Lundin Petroleum, Sector Asset Management, Canamens Limited, Panoro Energy ASA and Clean Carbon Group ASA, before joining CO2 Capsol.

Einar Chr. Lange

Einar Chr. Lange is the main investor in CO2 Capsol AS. Lange started his career reading economics at the University of Cambridge, UK. He then graduated as a medical doctor from the University of Oslo in 1981. Just four years later, in 1985, he took over management of the family owned shipping company. Lange has long experience in shipping and general business.

Christian Kongsli

Christian received his commercial education in London and Paris. He worked as a broker with leading companies in New York, Hamburg, Paris and London. A couple of years after the oil and gas discovery in the Norwegian sector, in early 1973, Christian suggested that R S Platou take a more active role, and he headed the start of the R S Platou Offshore Department in Oslo. In 1978 he founded Bassøe Offshore Partners.

During the following three decades Christian was instrumental in and part of around 30 transactions and syndications of various drilling rigs, tankers and dry cargo vessels with Scandinavian and International partners.

Claes Nygren

Claes Nygren holds a MSc in Mechanical Engineering. He joined ABB 1969 and has an extensive international career with leading management positions regarding nuclear, HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) and PFBC (Pressurized Fluidized Bed Combustor) technologies. After leaving ABB 2006 Claes has been involved in pressurized combustion of coal and gas combined with the process of capturing carbon dioxide from flue gas.