An environmentally friendly, portable, carbon capture demonstration unit with an all-inclusive package


Transport, installation, deinstallation, operation, deployment, and testing by an independent party – it´s all included!

The CapsolGoTM
Demonstration Unit



What’s in it for
the industrial emitter?

 During a 4-month test campaign you will:

 Experience our energy-efficient technology

to verify the effectiveness of our solution before considering a full-scale application

Test the proven, environmentally friendly solvent Potassium Carbonate

Potassium Carbonate is a white salt commonly used in the food industry.

There are many advantages to using Potassium Carbonate for carbon capture:
lower costs and no emissions of potentially hazardous chemicals

Test your plant’s specific flue gas and operation

to define an optimal solvent blend for the full-scale carbon capture plant

is a powerful tool

to show the technology to internal and external stakeholders, and to the public.

In addition, operation and maintenance teams can get familiar with CO2 Capsol’s technology and prepare for the full-scale operation

The independent third party test report

will accelerate your decision processes towards a full-scale plant and strengthen the quality of your soft funding applications

Accelerate the world’s transition to a carbon negative future


with CapsolGoTM