Capsol EoP™

Capsol EoP™ 

Flexible End-of-Pipe (EoP) Carbon Capture Solution


Safe, environmentally friendly and cost competitive

Optimise for Maximum District Heating or Minimum Electricity

A full capture solution for CO2 emitting industries 

Stand-alone unit

End-of-Pipe (EoP) for easy retrofit with parent plant due to minimal interface

Smaller footprint

The pressurized absorber design of Capsol EoP requires less plot space

District heating integration

Thermal power export from the heat recuperation to the district heating network maximises the efficiency of the process

Flexible configuration

Heat integration concepts can be adopted to needs, maximum district heating output or minimal electricity consumption

90% Capture Rate 

Flexible capture rate of 90%+ based on legislative and project requirements

High CO2 purity

and no harmful emissions of degraded (potentially carcinogenic) amines

High-level overview of the Capsol EoP™ Technology

For Waste-to-Energy plants

For Biomass plants

For Cement plants

Help accelerate the world's transition to a carbon negative future with Capsol EoP™