Capsol EoP (End of Pipe) carbon capture solution for power plants and industrial facilities.

Advantages of Capsol EoP:

Cost Efficient

Capsol EoP is the most cost-efficient carbon capture technology, mainly due to the low energy consumption in the capture process.

Most of the energy used for pressurizing and capturing carbon dioxide from the flue gas is recuperated with our patented energy recirculation which significantly reduces the energy loss in the process.

Uses HPC - an Inexpensive Absorber

Capsol EoP uses Hot Potassium Carbonate (HPC) as absorber. HPC is cheaper than Amines or Amino acids, which are essential in atmospheric systems, resulting in lower CAPEX and OPEX.

Space Saving

Compact design and minimal space requirement due to the Capsol EoP flue gas compression. 

Flexible and Scalable

Capsol EoP is a flexible, scalable carbon capture solution.

A single Capsol EoP unit can process flue gas from plants with emission of up to 2.5 million tons/year, with flue gas CO2 concentrations of 20%.

Two or more Capsol EoP units will operate in parallel for facilities with emissions of more than 2.5 million tons/year.

Short Delivery and No Downtime

Capsol´s patented EoP solution ensures operation and production during the installation period. 

Installation and commissioning time for a Capsol EoP solution is only 24-30 months. The reason for the short delivery time is that we only use well known components which are already in use in thousands of plants globally.

Near-Zero Emissions

In addition to capturing carbon dioxide, Capsol EoP can also absorb impurities such as SO2, NOx and mercury from the flue gas, resulting in near-zero emissions. 

Powered by Electricity

Capsol EoP is mainly powered by electricity, but can also be powered by steam. This makes Capsol EoP a cost-effective solution due to its reuse of almost all the energy used for pressurizing and capturing carbon dioxide from the flue gas. 

Capex lower than competitors

Our estimated Capex will be lower than competitors primarily due to reduced cost for integration with mother plant.

No chemical cleaning costs

Our Capsol EoP solution use non-toxic chemicals (absorbent) which reduce capture cleaning costs.

Client is free to choose EPC contractor on a competitive bidding process.

We are independent. No exclusive agreement with any EPC contractor. Plant owner can choose EPC contractor with lowest price during tendering process.

Capsol EoP is the most energy efficient, flexible and cost-efficient carbon capture solution for power plants and industrial facilities.

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