We aim to be a global leader in capturing CO2 from WtE, power plants and industrial facilities


To accelerate the world’s transition to a carbon negative future.



To be a major contributor to solving one of our biggest global challenges; climate change, with our patented Capsol EoP (End of Pipe) carbon capture technology.

Our main patented Capsol EoP (End of Pipe) solution is a cost-effective, scalable and flexible retrofit unit used to capture carbon dioxide from power plants and industrial facilities. The CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) value chain is essential in limiting the increase in global average temperature, recognizing that this would substantially reduce the risks and impact of climate change.

After developing a number of patents over a 10 year period, CO2 Capsol AS was established in 2014.

Our team consists of highly skilled technical experts supported by innovative professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds.


Our main office is in Madserud Allé 2, Oslo, Norway.

A short presentation of CO2 Capsol and our Capsol EoP solution

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Head of R&D at Stockholm Exergi, Fabian Levihn,
talking about the HPC technology


As a provider of HPC technology we are excited to listen to Fabian Levihn presenting the positive experience Stckholm Exergi has had with the HPC technology after having run tests at their biomass-fueled facility Värtaverket for several thousand hours.


The history behind the development of the Capsol EoP (End of Pipe) proprietary rights


The Capsol EoP (End of Pipe) patent is the last of several patents that were developed over a 15 year period.

The main building blocks consist of HPC as absorbent and pressurized flue gas.

In 2004 a pressurized coal fired power plant was introduced followed by a pressurized gas fired power plant in 2010 - both with carbon capture. This capture technology was successfully tested out in Stockholm at the Värtan power plant in 2008.

From conceptual idea in 2003 to an industrial “plug & play” model took 15 years at a cost of several hundred million NOK.

The Capsol EoP technology is covered by patents globally and valid for 20 years.

This simple solution can remove CO2 from industrial plants, incineration plants, power plants, and any other plant with large carbon dioxide emissions.

Our goal is simple “We want to be a major contributor in capturing carbon dioxide from industrial plants worldwide."

CO2 Capsols commercial offerings


Develop technical solutions with clients and EPC contractors based on our IP rights supported by a lean group of skilled technical experts. Rights to use the patented solutions will be sold as royalties tailored to project specific models.