The power of
Capsol EoP


Capsol EoP is a patented cost-effective, energy efficient carbon capture solution.
Compact, scalable, short delivery time and no production downtime during installation.

Accelerate the world’s transition to a carbon negative future.

We aim to be a global leader in capturing carbon dioxide from waste incineration, power plants and industrial facilities with our energy-efficient and cost effective carbon capture technology.

Let us work together to reduce global carbon emissions.

An energy efficient, cost-effective and flexible carbon capture technology for
new and existing plants.

Proven technology. Inexpensive absorbent. No harmful chemicals. Stand-alone unit. Flexible and scalable. Can be powered by electricity only, or a combination of electricity and steam. Low energy consumption due to patented energy recuperation.

Capsol EoP can be installed with no production downtime.

Stand alone unit. Does not interfere with existing facility.
Installation during scheduled maintenance of mother plant.

Advantages of our Capsol EoP solution:

The most cost-efficient solution

Low energy consumption due to patented energy recuperation.

Proven technology

Using HPC as an absorbent of CO2 is used in thousands of plants.

No harmful chemicals

In contrast to alternative solutions, no risk related to emission of harmful chemicals.

Electricity or steam

The Capsol EoP solution can be powered by electricity only or a combination of electricity and steam.

Stand alone unit

Easy to install, does not interfere with existing facility. Compact design

Flexible and Scalable

A single unit can capture 2.5 million tons CO2/year.

Inexpensive absorbent

HPC is significantly more cost effective than Amines.


No downtime

No interference with operation or production during installation and commissioning.

All these factors result in lower cost (CAPEX and OPEX), reduced risk and short lead time.

CO2 Capsol offer remuneration schemes tailored to clients based on royalties on our patented solutions.

CO2 Capsol

A Pure Play Carbon Capture Technology Provider

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