Carbon Capture


Safe, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective



Energy-efficient and cost-competitive
utilising the safe HPC
(Hot Potassium Carbonate)  solvent

A standalone unit
powered by electricity only


No need for modifications or investment in external steam production to run the capture unit

Advantages of the Capsol EoP solution:

Cost competitive

Low energy consumption due to patented energy recuperation.

Proven technology

HPC as a solvent of CO2 is well documented and used in thousands of plants.

Safe HPC solvent

No hazard to environment or people. Low cost and readily available. 

Electricity or steam

Powered by electricity only or a combination of electricity and steam.

Standalone unit

Easy to install. No interference with existing facility. 

Flexible and Scalable

A single unit can capture 2.5 million tonnes CO2/year.

Inexpensive solvent

HPC is significantly more cost effective than Amines.


No downtime

No interference with operation or production during installation and commissioning.

All of these factors result in lower cost (CAPEX and OPEX), reduced risk and short lead time.

Key Project

CapsolGoTM carbon capture demonstration campaign

- Öresundskraft Energy from Waste CHP plant


Öresundskraft AB has signed a rental contract for CO2 Capsol´s CapsolGoTM mobile carbon capture demonstration unit at Öresundskraft´s Filbornaverket Energy from Waste (EfW) Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant in Helsingborg, Sweden.

The CapsolGoTM demonstration campaign will be delivered as a service with a flexible testing and validation program, providing Öresundskraft AB with valuable data and information on the Hot Potassium Carbonate (HPC) capture technology, helping to accelerate the decision processes towards a full-scale carbon capture plant. Öresundskraft will initially run a standard test program for 4 months, starting September 2022, with the option to extend the campaign to run additional tests.

Testing and validation will be carried out by the independent test operator Captimise AB, specialising in full chain from carbon capture to utilization or storage, to ensure objective and reliable test results. The project has been funded (25%) by the Swedish Energy Agency.

A full-scale carbon capture plant at Filbornaverket can capture 210.000 tons COper year.


Installation Type
Energy from Waste (EfW)

Campaign Time
4 months

Start date
September 2022

Full Scale Deployment
210.000 tons CO2/year

For us at CO2 Capsol, carbon capture is not only about capturing carbon, but also the optimal integration of our solution into the host plant’s processes to decrease complexity and create new revenue streams for the industrial emitter

Three successful pilot projects


More than 3,300 operating hours and >99% uptime.

Selected as technology of choice and plans to convert pilots into full scale plants.

Stockholm Exergi has selected
CO2 Capsol’s End of Pipe solution as its carbon capture technology


This proves that our technology can compete on the highest level and is superior to the competition.


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with our proven, cost competitive carbon capture technology


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CO2 Capsol offer remuneration schemes tailored to clients based on royalties on our patented solutions.

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