The power of
Capsol EoP


Capsol EoP is a patented cost-effective, energy efficient carbon capture solution.
Compact, scalable, short delivery time and no production downtime during installation.

An energy efficient, cost-effective and flexible carbon capture solution. 

Capsol EoP (End of Pipe) requires less materials for construction, and significantly less chemicals and energy in the operational phase than any other carbon capture solution.

Capsol EoP can be installed with no production downtime.

Advantages of our Capsol EoP solution:

Low energy consumption

A significant amount of the energy used in the carbon capture process is recovered.

Separate module

No need for expensive and risky modification of existing plant.

No harmful chemicals

The process utilizes potassium carbonate, which is a white salt, soluble in water. No hazard for environment or people.

Space saving

Our patented solution is based on compression of the flue gas, which requires less space for the capture equipment. Hence, it is well suited even for plants with limited space.

No downtime

Capsol EoP does not interfere with operation or production during installation and commissioning.

Electricity or steam?

Our unique Capsol EoP solution is powered by electricity or steam.

Capsol EoP is an energy efficient carbon capture process for existing and new plants. 

All these factors result in lower cost (CAPEX and OPEX), reduced risk and short lead time.

CO2 Capsol offer remuneration schemes tailored to clients based on royalties on our patented solutions.

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